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boardxpert-service-mergers-and-acquisitions-servicesYou need active support exactly when needed? M&A for most companies are extraordinary efforts. Ensuring business continuity and gaining true value from mergers & acquisitions at the same time it is our project based Mergers and Acquisitions Services and support you should vote for.

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Focussing on Effectivity and Efficiency based on Experience

We are the perfect match for Private Equity (PE) or Family Offices Investors, Vertical Market Software Companys (VMSCs) and Language Service Providers (LSPs) finding the right way to success. Our M&A Services focus on effectivity and efficiency based on experience. Hands on.

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Mergers and acquisitions for most companies are extraordinary efforts.

They are typcially combined with distraction from daily business and/or strategic development of the company throughout the whole M&A-process. Which can easily take two or more years.

Typical challenges to overcome are:

Clarifying between facts and opinions
Verifying impacts of change in ownership and/or strategy on the daily business
Any acquisition needs to have a thoughtful post-close game plan (across three areas: Product, Customers, People)
The maturity level and experience on M&A deals often are not on eye-level between buyer and sellers which cause different expectations
It’s not enough to do a solid, good business on day-to-day base: the seller should be able to first organize and then present his business in the right way: suiting to the buyers needs/wishes
Verifying during due diligence the impact of any requests and the true value of the answers. Where is it fact – where make-up
Clarifying and aligning the different expectations. Often enough the hidden expectations after due diligence, after closing and after signing: the secret of a successful post-merger integration


Benefit from our Experience as Executives

More than 20 years of experience as executives (six times M&A, one IPO, two start-ups) our experience can be used by you to gain exactly the value you need.

Benefit from the positive momentum after announcement of M&A
Provide safety and security to all key employees during and after M&A process
Gaining at an early stage clarity about business wishes, needs and expectations helps to speed up tremendously
Receive the best possible valuation for the company
Receive an early bird overview on plausibility and feasability of business plan
Getting a timebound „mediator“ helping to overcome the cultural differences between old and new owners way of work