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boardxpert-service-sparring-servicesYou have a lot of motivation & energy! But you ask yourself how to reach the next level? Challenging people, make them more effective and bringing them to the next level: empowering is the goal, sparring the name of our service.

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Focussing on Effectivity and Efficiency based on Experience

You can clearly see all the motivation & energy you and your teams are ready to invest – but how to reach the next level? What exactly is it you should focus on first? Which additional talents you might need?

Optimize your Business Today

We discuss your ideas and possible solutions in a “safe” environment

Our Sparring Services will provide you with immediate feedback on possible impacts and consequences. You will learn where you might have a „blind spot“. Or you may simply want someone with an outside-in view to discuss with you on eye-level.

Typical challenges to overcome are:

Being sole managing director / CEO it’s hard to share unclear thoughts or ideas with employees
The feedback you typically get is not as open and on eye-level as needed
Discussions with the leadership team are more daily business related, not focussing on strategic values
The leadership team which could be involved doesn‘t have first hand experience
Your core strengths are in the field of technology, not in business organization, controlling, services, sales & marketing


Benefit from our Experience as Executives

More than 20 years of experience as executives our experience can be used by you to gain exactly the value you need.
Challenge new, (maybe) critical ideas of possible changes in a „save environment
Have open, creative discussions on different strategic approaches, preconditions and their impact on daily business
Benefit from our experience grounded on our own and/or other clients situation we were dealing with over the time
Benefit from the widely spread network throughout the industry whenever it’s needed or may be helpful
Get additional, new impulses combined with an outside-in view